Individually-Styled, Hand Made & Shipped FREE!

About PLVMA™ Styles

Every brand has a story, with each brand’s story being as unique as its products; each serving its unique purpose. PLVMA™ Styles is no different. This similarity, however, is where PLVMA™ ceases to be like any other fashion jewelry brand.

Founded from the passions of our Owner & Designer, Christy Davidson, PLVMA™ springs to life with styles & functionalities a lifetime in the making. Christy’s background in fashion & fitness gave way to earring designs that were light, flowy, and unique while being functionally sound… As comfortable in a company boardroom as they were on a yoga mat.

PLVMA™ Styles continues to evolve by continuing to create fun & fashionable pieces that transcend the basics of the earring. Each design is developed & hand-made from cruelty-free feathers, quality nickel-free metals, and unique stones and/or crystals.

PLVMA™Styles’ mission to inspire you to express yourself, to be free, and most importantly be YOU.

Let Your Fashion Take Flight.

Individually-Styled, Hand Made & Shipped FREE!